I made a horrible mistake a few months ago. I thought it would be a good idea to show this commercial to my wife, who coincidentally only likes happy things and can’t stand sad news. You see, I work in marketing communications and help develop advertising campaigns so I naturally get excited about brilliant advertising campaigns.

The first time I saw this emotional MetLife commercial, which most YouTuber users have dubbed either “My Dad Is A Liar” or “Daddy Lies”, I got totally drawn in to this narrative. The sweet, young girl starts the narrative by saying:

Daddy is the sweetest daddy in the world.
Daddy is the most handsome, the smartest, the most clever, the kindest.
He is my Superman.
Daddy wants me to do well at school.
Daddy is just great but…he lies.

And that’s pretty much when you’ll start crying. As a father, this commercial really tugged on my heart strings. I know there are a ton of fathers out there that love their family like the father in this commercial. And to you, I raise my glass and salute you dads!